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This blog presents: Gregory ‘The Artist’

Violinist, conductor, composer Gregory Singer has always sought self- expression in the realm of form and color, in addition to that of sound. Born in Texas, he lived in Oregon for 10 years, and grew up as a teenager in New York City. His father was Jacques Singer, renowned violinist and conductor, and his mother the pianist Leslie Wright who taught at Juilliard.  He was earmarked for music by fate and parentage. As a boy he would climb tall evergreen trees to sway in the wind from their tops, which soar too like music. Trains, ships, and bridges were compelling to him. He studied violin at Juilliard and then at the Indiana University School of Music with the great Franco Gulli. Symbolic too that he has lived on both coasts—never landlocked, he sings for the world, and the world for him.

Gregory has traveled the world as a guest conductor. Later he founded the Manhattan Symphonie.  But throughout his life he was always sketching and drawing. His art is whimsical, childlike, brimming with fantasy that is also commentary, sweetly angular with promising (but also promissory) images. In musical terms, his art is Prokofiev with Germanic Expressionistic hints. There is a desire to reach for transcendence, yet it is grounded in the travel of life. Not surprising for the boy who swayed in the treetops and loved instruments of travel, bridging too sounds and images.

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26 thoughts on “About Gregory Singer

  1. very unique Kind of Arts. I have never exposed to these kind of art before. Very lightly, playful heart feeling when I looked at these art . Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

  2. Thanks Mary! Your reaction is nice. They are at times funny little expressions. I will try to post more.
    Please keep checking. I can’t use the computer very well so I rely on my friend Geri to post more on this site. Take care. Gregory

  3. We have an “open rehearsal” Thursday April 3rd at 6:30 to 9:30 (2014)
    at 450 west 37th street basement studio. 60 musicians. We leave for China on Saturday for some concerts. Stop by if you like. It is free. I am conducting the orchestra. (Gregory)

  4. Thanks Suzi for the encouragement. I know you are a great artist and would like you to let me know when you have another gallery exhibition. Also, my next concert conducting Manhattan Symphonie will be at Merkin Hall (NYC). It is a Memorial concert on 9/11 at 6:30.
    Merkin Hall is near Lincoln Center. I think you said you had a schedule conflict. Oh well. Maybe next one. Thanks again for the good vibes.

  5. You are a gift to the world so muc in need of kindness and talent your Integrity and civility are are part of who you are. .. may your wonderful reputation continue to expand and your vision to make a positive difference through your music and you message be achieved both in the us and beyond.

  6. Hi there Greg, i have some images that I was wondering if you can confirm that they are in fact your work? Maybe I can email you a picture?

    • hope you are well

      On Mar 30, 2017 2:58 PM, “Gregory Singer Artist” wrote:

      > NA RYSUNKU commented: “I love yours unique characters so much!” >

      • Thanks Mary. It is nice of you to say so. I really appreciate knowing that my little sketches touch someone is some special way occasionally.
        Best wishes to you and please keep watching. I am growing and making progress I hope. Which style do you like the most? Abstract, pencil, colorful, animals, musicians? (gregorysinger@verizon.net)

    • Thank you Na.
      I appreciate your encouragement. I hope you are creative and stable mentally and phuysically during this difficult period. Best regards, Gregory

  7. Hi Greg – I came across some of your artwork on the net and when I read about you, I discovered we knew each other as children! What a pleasant surprise. I would love to see more of your work. Please let me know where I can find more. Love it!

  8. I’m glad I accepted your calendar when you offered it on Broadway the other day. I enjoy your work very much and will continue to visit your website. Also will try to catch the Manhattan Symphonie when I relocate to NYC later this year. Hope to wait for the light to change with you again!

      • I hope to see you in Paris and find an exhibition to make you known in France! By then, I hope to be completely cured of cancer and regain my energy and my good vibrations! Thank you again and again for helping me in this fight! Let those who read my little message know that you are a wonderful man, funny, kind, sensitive in addition to all your artistic talents.

    • Thank you Gerald,
      As you can see, I rarely explore my computer and read all comments etc. I just noticed your comment(s) today. Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words. My state of mind obviously is connected to what flows from my hand. Your words make me feel more confident and motivated to create more noodles and doodles. Thank you Gerald.

      • Thanks Greg! Very touched by this message! Besides being a wonderful artist, you are a beautiful person who has helped me to endure medical, chemo and other treatments! I am infinitely grateful to you!

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  9. I put a couple of pictures relating to you Gerald.
    I hope you enjoy them.
    Glad to be your friend.
    Best wishes for a very special new year to you and family!!!

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