One thought on “A generous music loving ear

  1. This fellow sat in front of me at a classical music concert at a small venue in Manhattan, New York City.
    I noticed his tweed overcoat and matching cap. He seemed like a character from a different by-gone era.
    I enjoy watching old American and British film noir (black and white) movies, and he looked like a character that could have stepped out of the movie I had just watched recently. Then I noticed what a wonderfully generous and large pair of ears he had.
    Great for enjoying music as he was. He attended the concert alone. I asked his permission to take his picture and sketch him and he said ‘fine’. He was American and quite friendly with a modest disposition. His name is David.
    One of the selections on the concert was Serenade For Strings by Tchaikovsky. You can see several sketches here I did of him.
    Keep positive and pro-active with a good attitude, as attitude is everything. Sorry for my lecture (ha!)

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