2022 Art Proverb Calendar Booklet

It is late February!
Spring is near!
My 2022 Art Proverb Calendar Booklet is ready for delivery!
It is an eclectic mix of my spontaneous art and unusual proverbs presented in a casual way.
These are difficult times and I wanted to offer something that might lighten your heart.
Remember👍 ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’,
so keep my calendar close for creative, optimistic inspiration.
Please order one today as my bill collector waits for no man also!
Choose to be happy and productive!
Click here to order.

Gregory Singer

Some more items are also available here.

One thought on “2022 Art Proverb Calendar Booklet

  1. FYI = Fact:
    I have no money and no work these days. My orchestra (The Manhattan Symphonie) agrees to volunteer to play a Ukrainian Solidarity concert. I say ‘in the name of peace!’ We are searching for a location.
    Please order a 2022 calendar. Sorry it it out so late this year. Maybe I’ve been depressed lately and didn’t realize it.

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