3 thoughts on “Vive la France

  1. Often, classical musicians have grimaces on their face(s) that seem to indicate pain or misery. (like my picture above)
    Most of the time it is just the opposite. To understand and interpret those facial expressions properly, remember the expressions of B.B King or Jimmy Hendrix as they bend a particular note in a ‘blues’ style song, and the look on their face of agony. I would say “it is their same reaction to a powerful moment or chord in the music”.
    I would bet that the classical music players are reacting to an inner feeling of ecstasy and passion. Playing in a music ensemble such as a string quartet, or an orchestra, jazz ensemble or rock group is a wonderful feeling while blending together rhythmically and in tonal harmony and agreement, perhaps actualizing a plan worked out in rehearsal for a greater collective result in performance. No, I wouldn’t be so sure that it looks as if one of the players is wondering ‘if they turned the stove off’ at home, or why their ‘romantic love interest, at the last minute couldn’t attend the concert’.
    They are having fun!
    The above string quartet picture was recently presented in the Sharon Weiss Gallery in Columbus Ohio, and sold immediately.The Gallery will put on display many of my ‘works of art’ throughout the month of October (2021). Several other works have been sold already, and I am very happy and on my way. Whomever bought this picture, we have a lunch date, if you like, when I visit Columbus Ohio or when you visit New York City where I live.
    It seems that Columbus Ohio has many interesting things going on. I look forward to my visit.

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