One thought on “Rachmaninoff’s view

  1. Rachmaninoff lived on the upper west side of New York City. In a Penthouse apartment near 84th street and West End Avenue.
    I remember, one time, some years ago, I was preparing to conduct my orchestra (Manhattan Symphonie) a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, while walking down the street, at 84th and West End Avenue, with a pocket score of his third piano concerto in my hand, I stopped at the ‘don’t walk sign’ and I looked up and happened to spot a plaque on the corner of the building’s wall that said ‘Rachmaninoff lived here and what he composed during his residency there. I believe it was the last years of his life spent there. For me, it was a magical moment and a good omen that I was on the right path. The concert was a success.

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