2 thoughts on “Hero

  1. The majority of statues are to commemorate and pay tribute to those who volunteered and risked, and often lost their lives while undertaking dangerous life threatening actions with potentially fatal consequences. Certainly, many such ‘brave’ men were found fighting for causes while in military uniforms. Plunder and misdeeds are not actions worthy of a hero’s statue. Though there are rotten apples in every barrow.
    Joan D’arc (Canonized as a Saint), Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, are examples of the few women that have earned statues in their honor, for their life threatening brave actions that they most likely volunteered for. It seems that few women will risk their life for a (sometimes silly) ’cause’, as so many boys and men have and will continue to do.
    Killing is depicted and examined throughout the bible and many books of the world’s major religions. Murder, plunder and other misdeeds are not anything that we respect or build monuments to, and those actions are discouraged, as our western ‘civilized’ society is based and built on ‘order, equal rights, and justice under the law. My heroes are Stradivarius, Beethoven, Brahms, and many other composers, poets, painters and inventors. There are many quiet heroes that we’ve never heard of. I will never diminish the virtues of the many men and women that are worthy of their statues in or out of uniform. There are many motives for heroes, and many dedicated statues erected. Many in uniform are worthy, some are not. You said “Sadly MOST heroes etc. etc. Each true hero knows the truth. We can all be a hero in some way. As a pleasant distraction I play music and draw pictures. I hope I have not offended you or anyone, but hope you could catch my drift. We all know that war is hell and should be outlawed, but it ain’t gonna happen very soon, that is for sure. As you know, so well, that many other countries have plenty of well polished military hero statues also, and nobody is tearing their’s down very soon. Such is the nature of humankind at this time.

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