3 thoughts on “Monica

  1. Really, that is the cat’s name. It is not my cat. My family had mostly dogs growing up. Dog: ‘Gina’ named after the pianist Gina Bachauer
    who was in town performing with my father as conductor. Our dog eventually gave birth to the puppy named ‘Pinchas’, named after the violinist Pinchas Zuckerman who was performing the Mendelssohn Concerto with my father conducting the orchestra. Pinchas gave me some memorable violin lessons at that time. Our cat’s name was ‘Ferrari’

  2. I am not sure that they would be flattered. I doubt they knew about that family secret. I remember telling some people way back then that it was Pinchas because our puppy did have a pink spot near the tip of it’s nose. We started off by calling the little pup ‘Pinknose’ which evolved into Pinchas. I don’t think I’d be very flattered if someone named their dog ‘Gregory’. I could hear them shouting ‘Gregory!, did you chew on the leg of the couch? Did you? Bad dog!! etc. etc.

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