4 thoughts on “Gregory’s crib

  1. One of the most important creative influences in my life was that my parents held me hostage in a crib for hours by day or night. I was surrounded by unusual art that I stared at and tried to understand what was being depicted. At one point, I interpreted an ornate doorknob as my mother and her curly hair looking around my door frame into my crib-room to check on me. The colors and shapes stuck with me for life. I was only 4 months old .
    If, or when you have a kid or two, place them in a crib surrounded by colorful art, and rotate the gallery every few weeks or months. Don’t forget to give plenty of water and sunlight. Oh yes, and love. Happy new year ! Especially for the millions of music and art lovers everywhere around the world.
    My 2021 calendar is now available at Spacemansclub.com .Supply very limited. I only have a few hundred. First come first served.

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