4 thoughts on “Vietnam

  1. The hell those young men were landed into, some from the American cornfields, and the Vietnamese villagers that were terrorized and murdered and raped by at least 3 opposing factions.
    Millions destroyed. Lead by corrupt brutal bastards on all fronts. A cluster fuck of major proportions in the name of…? Sorry folks, but we must learn from history. Teach and study true history to the young, no matter how painful. Teach about brave heroes also, that take shape in many actions and deeds. Excuse my unsolicited lecture. (The picture above reflects the once young and innocent young veteran stateside after the war)
    The real name of this picture above could be ‘Going nowhere fast’ or ‘Plenty of baggage’. I’m sure there were (are) thousands of suicides after their return from that war.

  2. Also, you may have noticed, his joint or cigarette is not between the usual fingers of a smoker. Though it is a mistake, it adds a bit of anxiety to the picture.

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