4 thoughts on “Nicole

  1. Music in western culture, was establishing volumes of music dedicated to religious observances in churches, often played in somber tones of reverence.
    When virtuosi such as violinist composer Nicolo Paganini and virtuoso pianist and composer (and heart throb) Franz Liszt appeared, everything began to change, and soon the multitudes of people were packing larger concert spaces and tickets were sold for profit. Frederick Chopin must have entertained many in his day outside of churches. Perhaps these were the first ‘rock stars’ to take the performance stage. After Paganini’s death, the church assumed that due to his enormous ‘larger than life’ abilities, and wild indulgent character, that Paganini had made a pact with the Devil and wouldn’t allow his body to be buried on consecrated church ground. These ‘soloists’ had the gift and facility to improvise like pop musicians of today.

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