2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Quintet

  1. I this case (picture), the 1st violinist and cellist see a fly (or bee) buzzing around the 2nd violinist’s head. The turkey is a drawing that I did draw separately and cut and glued him in with the classical musicians. The music loving turkey is free, and will live to see many more Thanksgivings. Regarding their (the musicians) moods and their facial expressions, you may notice that often classical musicians look like they are sad, or that they are not enjoying the music, but they are actually concentrating and sometimes caught up in the musical moment of ecstasy. The harmony and precision pleases them especially in quartet playing where the blending of tone, intonation and rhythm, affords the players an inner pleasure that creates a look as if they are in agony of some sort. Ha. Yes, they often look miserable.

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