3 thoughts on “Memories, but no pig

  1. Spot on! Very sentimental of long ago and far away, it seems. I am still working on this one and there is more painted canvass which I didn’t focus on that the viewer cannot see in this upload yet. I will upload the whole picture when I finish it. I am using acrylic on this one. I don’t want to ruin it. It is very important that an artist knows when to put the brush down and quit messing with something. This one is at a dangerous point because I like the way it looks at the moment, but I see sections that are not finished. I am used to working very quickly and spontaneously. Don’t hold your breath. It will take a few more days, I think. Yikes!!!

  2. Yes, I understand….in all art…what to leave in and what to chuck out brings so much to ponder over, I now try to listen to my soul but soul often busy with other things and does not always give clear indications!

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