4 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. What!? Nobody likes this one?? I’m not sure I like it either. At least ‘provocative?” No? You!!! Tough connoisseurs of high art!

  2. The message is interesting though and one with a deep meaning we often forget; that everything has a reason raison d’être from which other happenings flow. Super creation as all of your’s are

  3. THANK YOU ! For some reason, this one, I feel, has to do with man’s environment, bing the result of planned or unplanned ‘progress’.
    He seems to be standing back admiring or mourning the results of man’s building on the natural environment. On the other hand he may be looking over his shoulder to see if any one is watching him, as he takes a leak. It makes a huge difference if you see him with his hands clasped behind his back, or if you see his hands are in front. If it is a women, we may safely assume her hands are behind her back as she gazes at the ‘landscape’ before her. Either way, it seems to be the countryside of the future.

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