4 thoughts on “English Girl

  1. I watched an old black and white english movie and there were a bunch of children running around in rags. They were just playing in war torn ruins and there were no grownups around looking after them.

    • Ah, that explains it ,Circumstances have changed but I would say , not a lot! We are descending into an age of misinformation , dumbing down down and despair…Rant over and back to the ARTS, the only saving grace .

  2. So far, music and art have saved my sanity from the curses of the Covid consequences, shut downs etc. It must look like the Americans are having a collective meltdown.
    It might be entertainment for some who think it the best unscripted ‘soap opera’ ever presented. The cast of powerful characters is immense and their mud slinging is beyond any civilized rationale. Our country is burning down from within. The stupidity and hatred is off the scale.
    Long live music and art!

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