9 thoughts on “Riverside Park NYC

  1. I was watching him. He was not as amusing as he thought he was. He should have at least buttoned up his shirt. Believe me, he was a bold idiot.
    I hope he improves his act. He certainly has plenty of time.

  2. The dog is off the leash and this man may be off his. I found this drawing under a book shelf. It may have been posted before. I didn’t think much of it, and it is obvious I did it super quickly to capture the moment while it was still fresh in my memory after returning from the park.
    I am surprised it was appreciated by so many people. I never know which one will strike a person’s fancy.

  3. I am happy that you noticed exactly what was going on in this picture, and that is why I drew it. I am surprised. It is subtle, and I wasn’t sure I had captured anything. Interesting.

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