One thought on “In the moment

  1. Wow! You people are real art connoisseurs. You only put your little squares underneath my art when you really and sincerely like something. A tough crowd to please. I usually agree with your taste too.
    (You like things that are artistic. I will try ‘abstract’ soon again. I have lost that touch recently for some reason unknown to me).
    Ok, I will make a note of it. Regarding you special art connoisseurs. However, I hope to reserve the right to put up any little ditty or doodle that may or may not be worthy. My offerings represent the state of mind I am in at the moment. Every once and a while I do something just for the fun or challenge of it. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes I have to force myself to finish something that I started that doesn’t seem to be turning out well. When finished I am pleasantly surprised and I am glad I stuck with it. Thanks for your responses and thanks for staying in touch. I think I am making slow but steady progress inch by inch. An old friend once taught me a saying ‘Inch foot, gem time’. Good wishes to you friends in good art, expression and communication.

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