3 thoughts on “He is practicing

  1. In this sketch, his parents are happy that their son is finally practicing on his own. Motivating himself. If the kid wants to play music and is motivated to practice and play all day, it is a rare blessing. Talent is a great thing, but focus and concentration, in many cases, will carry one further. I have talent, but didn’t like to work hard at something. It came naturally, or I turned my attention elsewhere when the going got tough. Some mentors kept me on the correct path. (most of the time).
    p.s. I forgot to color in his left arm’s shirt blue.

  2. I wasn’t trying to prove anything, but I thought I would use the clean new wrapping paper of a toilet paper roll as my canvas for this one.
    Recycling, so to speak. If you look carefully, it says Bathroom Tissue Papel Higienico Seguropara aleantariados y tanques septicos etc.
    “to make something of value out of paper that was destined for the garbage heap”. A metaphor for what we assume is useless etc.
    Still, nothing to prove, it seems. Just for an experiment. Attitude is everything!

  3. Indeed, it is a joy that , as a parent you see your child working at something he is good at and not slaving away at a lost cause. Happy are those whose job is also their talent, ambition and joy..life is one holiday then!! Well, about the value of background…look at Banksy’s rescue boat!!

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