7 thoughts on “Not Oscar Shumsky

  1. Oscar Shumsky was a wonderful distinguished concert violinist. This sketch doesn’t look like him much at all. sorry folks.
    I know his son Eric. He is a fine musician and plays the viola and is a conductor and teacher. Like father , like son. (in this case)

  2. Would be nice to hear tiny excerpt of Oscar S playing something.,Oh maestro , suppose I could listen on Youtube…long live the internet. I did…what a fine musician and wow what a beautiful tone he musters from that superb violin. I listened to : Brahms Violin Concerto In London in 1987…moves the heart strings. Thank you for drawing attention to this top artist.

  3. IF you go to youtube to ‘Glenn Gould – Strauss Cacilie Op. 27/2 & Violin Spnata E-flat major op/18 (official)’ at 8:30 is Oscar on video playing the Strauss Sonata first movement.
    The over three movements are at
    ‘Oscar Shumsky Strauss Sonata’ His interpretation is masculine and tender . I am working on the Strauss sonata myself and one day (soon, I hope) I will record and post it.
    I have a rehearsal this weekend and will try to have someone use their phone to record a bit of it.

  4. ‘other 2 movements ‘ not ‘over three movements’ Just correcting a typo and math error, as there are three movements in this Strauss sonata.

  5. “In this case” refers to, that – not all fathers and sons are good influences or evolve into good, with similar characteristics as wished etc.

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