Children’s and Grownups’ Art Book

Dear friends,

There has been much water under the bridge, but at least something is still flowing. Semi-stifled because of Corona prohibitions, I remain busy with music and art.

I made a children’s and grownups’ art booklet that encourages a happy association with washing hands. I hope you will enjoy it!

The booklet is about a little Spaceman that falls to earth and travels to different countries spreading the good word to ‘remember to wash hands often’.  It is fun and it helped keep me sane, so far. We all must find new ways to stay very well!

If you’d like to find out more about the Spaceman and acquire a copy, go to


Gregory Singer


2 thoughts on “Children’s and Grownups’ Art Book

  1. I’m so glad that many people and children like the book. The booklet will be translated into many languages. He is proud and will return to earth soon again.

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