4 thoughts on “Roast beef

  1. I have no real idea why I called this one Roast Beef. Perhaps I felt the fellow on the right had not ordered a ‘house salad’.
    Please think to yourself, or let the viewers know what you would have called this picture please.
    I bet it is better than ‘Roast beef’

  2. Did you notice that there are no chairs, or table legs? What in the hell does that mean?
    Maybe I should visit a shrink?

  3. This will come to haunt the eater…he is already far to rotund! I think it is a table with a strong column in the middle only, therefore invisible to us. Visiting a shrink is always useful if only for him to inform you that you have a finely tuned brain capable of creating art!

  4. Ha. Bravo! But what is a more appropriate name? It is not always easy to come up with a name for the art. Sometimes it is very easy.

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