2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Oh yes, so dynamic , I cannot help wondering if he isn’t a bit pleased with himself, but maybe he has every reason to be so , having ‘rocked’ the concerthall of his imagination

  2. Ironically, any world famous violinist most likely started playing the violin and practicing hours and hours every day since the age of 4 years old.
    Had they spent those hours from early childhood onward studying the law or medicine, they would have been set for a most celebrated life.
    Alas, the musician is often e_pected (letter missing from my keyboard) to ‘play some music’ for pleasure, or for a ‘free dinner and car fare).
    People e-pect to pay for a haircut and pay plenty. People will pay to have their finger nails cut for them. Pay for advice on any subject. But, music? that is too often e=pected to be as free as a bird chirping. After so many years of paying for e-pensie instruction and e_pensive instruments, often printing brochures and posters inviting or begging people to come hear their concerts, they trudge on down the road satisfied with their momentary moment in the limelight. The dedication and precision it takes to play their musical instrument of choice precisely and then with a ‘ passionate heart’ to move their audiences is a rare bird to be sponsored and protected, not e_ploited. I hope he is pleased with himself. Usually he receives little more. (supporting his family worthy or unworthy)

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