3 thoughts on “Cellist Rostropovich

  1. The rich and sometimes tragic history of Russia has produced Tchaiko_sky (letter _ still missing from my computer keyboard) Shostakovitch, Prokofiev, and many more composers and wonderful concert performers. Ballet and painting artists also. Under the Soviet system even more so.
    Perhaps suffering brings out the human need for creative e_pression. As is said in the movie “The Third Man’ after many centuries of bliss, the
    (insulated safely by the mountains) Swiss have contributed to man-kind’s collective soul by inventing only the Coo-koo clock’. Not an e_act quote from that old black and white great movie. Harry Lime! Watch the movie. Great music.

  2. P.s. Rostropovitch was a great cellist and conductor. I met his daughter at music conservatory. By an unusual circumstance, I received one of his last ever issued autographs (after his great concert as a conductor). A short time later, he passed into blessed memory.

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