2 thoughts on “‘My old violin shop 2

  1. I remember your old Shop. It was awesome to come and visit and play music…
    and you would never know what you would find, or who would stop by, incredible art, instruments. It was more like a little museum
    in the Heart of NYC ..

    also, I remember jacques francais old shop & you were manager.

    Jacques Cried when I played “la Vie En Rose ” on the guitar.

    He jokingly called me a “peasant” & I laughingly called him my french Jewel Thief rabbi, he laughed ( but I really meant it ) …LOL

    Once, When we all ventured out of our cavernous musical caves, and seen the glorious light of day, we all went upstate to a museum with jacques francais, and donated an old American violin, with an old American Eagle painted on the back ! and then
    we played music in Civil War Outfits …. afterwards we went back to Jacques summer palatial yellow home in upstate NY and he cooked us
    hamburgers on the Grill. How cool was that .Good memories …thanks J. & Gregory.

  2. Many good memories. I do miss my old-world sanctuary though.
    Maybe I will sell my ‘art’ (and and your guitars, and a few violins) in a new sanctuary, someday, soon.
    Good times soon to return. I am sure of it!

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