2 thoughts on “The old violin shop

  1. A drawing tribute to my violin shop at 71st street, a few feet west of Broadway, NYC. It had large bay windows at one end of the room overlooking the street. The little building is still there.
    I placed my ornate desk just in front of the windows. It had a beautiful fireplace and mantle where I had the proverbial antique model of a grand four masted sailing ship. This room sat confidently at the top of a spiral staircase that lead from the ground floor of the townhouse. Appropriate for the elegant violin shop pulsating from within. ‘Gregory Singer Fine Violins,Inc.’. My subsequent shop locations, were nice in their own way, but not quite as charming and ‘old world-european’ as this location.
    I had created a beautiful sanctuary for musicians, and mostly wonderful people from all over the world to visit and share their stories, and look over my inventory of fine violins, violas and cellos.
    It certainly seems true – what I’m told, that ‘nothing stays the same, or lasts forever’. I am not really a businessman at heart, and computers and technology have changed the tempo, and the way people interact. It is subtle change and hard to say precisely ‘how’, but ‘change’ inevitably arrives.
    The violin shop flourished for a good number of years and was the cradle of so very many human interactions, and much music, but alas, is no longer.
    What remains, is a (sentimental) memory of what WAS, and fortunately, my elegant desk that I drew the above picture on.

  2. I had curtains on the windows, and always kept them closed in the evening. One night the window on the side blew open and the curtains began blowing in the wind, setting off the alarm. I lived near the shop, and after the alarm company called me, I ran over to the shop before the police officers arrived. They saw me looking dishevelled (3:00 a.m.) and began to question me. After I played them a fiddle tune on a random violin, they felt confident that I was the actual owner of the violin store and wished me a friendly good night. I did look mighty scary at that hour.

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