3 thoughts on “The four

  1. I may color this one in soon. I hope I don’t forget. I do so much every day, that I sometimes can’t find the original for days. At some point, I will do a male nude also. (as promised)

  2. It is a valid consideration. I will photocopy it on heavy stock paper, and color that one, to see how it turns out. I will save the original without color.
    That thought always crosses my mind. The city scape is going to be colorized, and I will color on the original, as it is too large for me to photocopy. I hope it doesn’t detract too much from the original. Sometimes a work just seems to cry out for color, but it is always a gamble. Always.
    It changes the work entirely. The spontaneity is usually gone immediately, and I am at the mercy of a dwindling art supply of colors and mediums to choose from. I use whatever colors there are at hand.That is part of the random consequences that give birth to that ‘art’, in that moment in time.
    I become the medium to that moment. Sounds true to me, but may actually add up to a pile of random ‘b.s.’ Excuse-moi. Ce n’est pas important

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