3 thoughts on “Far away thoughts

  1. Is this picture autobiographical?
    It is interesting that you liked this one Paula. I was ambivalent about it, when I started it, and while making it. I wanted to depict Spain or Italy. The colors, I did capture. That is the only thing I felt good about.
    After I finished it, I just thought his eyes were too close together and crooked, his hat was weird and also crooked.
    The streets looked like a river and a couple of people in the windows were unrecognizable as friends, though one is waving. Perhaps a memory.
    There is an old model automobile that looks like a taxi. It is at the corner. Representing – turning a corner in his life, but there is no driver and the cab is empty and not in motion. Perhaps he has no money in his pocket, ‘no gas in the tank’, so to speak. Feeling is age perhaps. The real boat is in motion and far away on the horizon. I may have made a ‘real’ river or ocean, and sailing boat, to delineate the real water from the blue colored waves of the streets. Regarding the streets, I may have simply grabbed a blue color instead of a black color by accident and just went with it. I drew the doggie in for good measure, to provide one visual island to rest the viewer’s eyes on, as a relief and something recognizable. I sometimes put an animal in the corner of my picture for the viewers pleasure, when I am struggling with a picture, or insecure that my picture hasn’t been worth looking at. As if to throw the viewer a ‘bone’. In this case, a dog bone. I’ve grown to like this picture more and feel more secure about it, now that I’ve analyzed it more closely.
    Thanks for being the impetus (sp?) for this search for meaning. None of my choices in making this picture were conscious. (except the doggie) Arf arf!
    P.s. Maybe, I wasn’t comfortable about this picture because it was more than slightly autobiographical.

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