8 thoughts on “Thinking it over

  1. Ha! Very funny of you Paula! That’s exactly the juxtaposition. Your line is so humorous, and right on target. With a fine body (‘Physique’) like that, one could joke ‘she’d never have to use her brain to think about anything’. Maybe, in her case she has to decide which admirers (majority being male) to keep, and which to discard. For some men and women, being handsome and beautiful can be a burden. Attracting attention or jealousy whenever they walk down the street, or enter a room. In her case, she may be wondering what color shirt to put on after her shower. I should attempt to do a male body from the same perspective in the near future. It is interesting the different opinions there are regarding the legitimacy of ‘artists’ depicting the nude human body. It a’int easy to capture in a realistic way. My challenge is to do it with one line all the way around the body without stopping. No erasing etc, or corrections allowed. I cheated on this one. (artistically)

  2. You don’t need to look too closely to see how many times I needed some erasures, and lines, and recoloring the background, to form her physic. Ha! I hope it doesn’t detract from enjoying the final results.

  3. Indeed, it is her stance that makes the creation so interesting and arresting. Yes indeed, beauty can be a burden to the owner, although one would think an easier one to bear than the opposite ! I would like to think that when it truly matters it all comes down to personality and kindness of character. I shall look forward to your male figure.

  4. We are (obligated to wonder?) wondering, if she is of good moral and intellectual character, as a person. Does her character, and personality match the perfection of her fine body?. Try not to be distracted fellas. What?, ‘with a body like that, nobody is asking’ (!?)

  5. I will try a male body soon. Yikes! What will he be thinking about? The score of the insignificant ball game recently? Not necessarily profound either.

  6. she is obviously seeing RED ………………..

    sumi-e Japanese brush stroke ….. you do not go over the same line, just one continuous flow … never going over the same thing twice.

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