2 thoughts on “Dawn or dusk

  1. Marvellous creation and somehow his stance is so endearing.
    I so like you say “dawn or dusk” as I also feel the two have almost the same quality of light but those who create at dawn somehow make a lot of noise about the heroic hour of rising as if it is somehow superior!!

  2. He seems a bit large for his little boat. The boat is riding low in the water. The boat also contains no nets, fishing poles, or ‘the catch of the day’.
    The yellow rain coat seems to indicate that he is a professional seaman. He certainly lives in the area, as he is no tourist. He’s putting his back into it. He is not sight seeing.
    He is no spring chicken and he is alone. I also wonder about this heavy set man and why he is out on the sea. I feel that land is near. He is not rowing toward the horizon. That is a good sign. If he was my father, I’d say “dad, come on home”

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