2 thoughts on “Spaceman joins band

  1. Good question.
    Yut is a young violinist that is making his way in America. He started performing in the subway system here in New York City, where I first met him.
    Coincidently, I needed an extra musician to play at a senior citizens home a few days later, and he gladly joined me. I liked his exuberant and optimistic attitude, so I hired him to play some concerts with my orchestra ‘The Manhattan Symphonie’. He has worked hard to produce his own performances with his blue hair and costumes. I admire his energy and talent. He made huge technical progress after just a few occasional violin lessons with me. He is a very bright and promising talent. Also, he is a NY Jets football fan. He was born in South America of Chinese heritage. He is a bright and intelligent, industrious young man. The Spaceman joined him on the drums for a couple of tunes, but had to travel to another country to spread his message to wash hands with soap! Yut may be looking for a new drummer.

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