8 thoughts on “Bass man

  1. I should spend a little more attention to his bow, next time. His right hand also. You’ll see more improvement at some point.
    I like his reach though. Has long arms to play bass.

  2. Today is May 14th . Is there a May Day’ anymore? (I don’t mean S.O.S.) Do you know what I think S.O.S. stands for?

  3. This year (2020) it was on May 8th (apparently) . Because of the Corona Virus, I missed it. No large observances allowed. It may have been celebrated over the years on May 1st, for the change of season.
    The tradition goes way back, possibly to Roman Empire times. In recent times, it was positioned to fall on a Friday or Monday, to be a bank holiday to facilitate a 3 day weekend perhaps. May Day!, May Day!, May Day!, may have been a call for help, when a ship was sinking, S.O.S. is a reminder ‘Save Our Ship’, or ‘Save Our Souls’. These are reminders that in Morse Code, it is; . . . _ _ _ . . . dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot,
    It is also, that in England and America, it is a day to celebrate the victory over the Nazi murderers. V E day is ‘Victory in Europe’ day.
    75 years fall of the Nazi war machine. S.O.S. is a distress signal. ‘Distress!’ That was the word I was looking for. This is only my recollection. Check other sources for verification. Otherwise, my representations here, may fall into the category of ‘Fake News’. Can’t be too careful these days, boys and girls.
    or S.O.S. ‘Save Our Sugar!’

  4. The above scribbling, is the result of the lack of a formal schedule, and too much free time. Could be a dangerous result of the Corona Virus edict: ‘Stay away from any form of work, and stay inside!’ .
    Still weighing and balancing that one.
    (I made up the part about ‘staying away from ALL FORMS of work’) Sounds like the perfect note from a doctor. Doctor’s orders! “Stay away from ALL FORMS OF work”.
    My only ‘work’ is art and music. Though it is a meager lot, you’ll hear no major complaints from me. I count my blessings every day. Major respect to the champions that ARE STILL hard at work!
    Artists and musicians are on their own, with little support these days. But, no complaints! Chin up!

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