Farm with Humanity and Life

‘Farm with Humanity and Life’ by Gregory Singer

(The original version: )

…and CHICKENS and a new WEATHER VANE!! There are a few (3) baby chicks also. I have learned the hard way, that any change to any picture no matter how tiny, can destroy it. I rarely erase or throw away anything, even if there are obvious mistakes
I’d say in this one, the chickens are a nice addition, but the old weather vane was with a thicker pencil, and fit in. The new weather vane may have changed the balance and the eye may not focus properly when looking at the picture. Also it looks, that rather thane a chicken on top of the vane, it looks like a squirrel. Yikes! Oh well. Thanks for your encouragement Paula, I am making progress and getting better every day. The Corona lockdown allows me to make create art and make progress without feeling guilty that I am not attending to other obligations that are business and social things. I am getting spoiled.
It is like a note from a doctor saying ‘stay home and find yourself’. O.k. with me, though sorry for the suffering of others.


2 thoughts on “Farm with Humanity and Life

  1. With you all the way and I do love the little pig, you got its stance spot on, it was and still is an intriguing and mesmerising drawing with something new to spot every time you look, like the chicks. Y’r very talented in a super sensitive and elegant manner.

  2. Sometimes! Thanks for your compliments. We all must have a higher side somewhere within us on occasion.

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