The farm with Life

‘The farm with Life’ by Gregory Singer

It is nice that so many people like this traditional style drawing, as we sit under the cloud of the Corona Virus.
I did this picture some weeks ago, as an abandoned farm. Today I present it with animals and a proud farmer facing his favorite horse.
I couldn’t think of what other animals to add, and so I left it. How silly. What, no chickens!!! It would have been so much fun to put a bunch of chickens clucking about. Maybe I will add chickens. Do you know the old folk song ‘Cluck ol’ Hen’?

p.s. I must say, that is a pretty sorry, awkward and unimaginative looking weather vane. I don’t think it looks like it would work very well.
If I would have put a Rooster or Hen on it (the Vane), I would have thought to put a few such birds on the ground. Next version. Keep an eye out.
I’ve decided to add a proper weather vane and add some chickens. I hope I can find the old picture around here somewhere.
Don’t forget to wash your hands! Oops!

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