4 thoughts on “Studying the shower curtain

  1. Surprisingly astute reaction and observations. In many ways, you are spot on (As the english say). It is hard to put it into words. The image is a bit confusing yet evocative, with some desperation and loneliness in there, and yet there is something stupidly funny about the overall picture. Like one being depressed and contemplating one’s own navel and being miserable, though surrounded by an attempt for cheerful comforts and conveniences. But she is naked and not sure what to do next. She is not showering, or using the facilities at all. I’ve got it! She is hiding in her bathroom and faced with that funny shower curtain staring at her. face to face!
    She is hiding from the world. Perhaps she is feeling emotionally ‘half empty’ (as opposed to half full) to ‘remaining in place’ during the world wide Corona Virus orders. I appreciate your insightful sentiments regarding this one. I didn’t name it properly. I didn’t spend time thinking of it consciously.
    I should have named it ‘Not dressed up and no place to go’, or ‘After or before the shower?’
    Well, back to my drawing table. Thank you.

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