3 thoughts on “Sidney Foster, virtuoso concert pianist

  1. Mr. Sidney Foster was a terrific world class pianist, and the chairman of the distinguished piano faculty at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana for decades. A beloved teacher.
    He was a consummate master of the piano, and a Prince among men and women. HIs wife Bronja was a pianist and a brilliant angel of a women (from Poland), also much beloved. They inspired and touched many hearts, over the years.
    They were both the youngest students enrolled in the Curtis Institute of music, under the tutelage of the famous performer and pedagogue Joseph Hoffman. I was fortunate to have them as my Aunt and Uncle. Bronja was my father’s sister.
    My father’s name was Jacques Singer. He was a world class conductor. I was lucky to have many famous soloists at my family dinner table.OI attended every rehearsal and concert.
    I remember fondly how my uncle Sidney Foster performed the beautiful Grieg piano concerto with my father conducting. It was a special childhood.
    Now, all three of blessed memory.

  2. Thank you Paula. Very kind of you. I feel better knowing that someone out there appreciates that once meaningful tradition.
    I miss that genteel world which seems to be vanishing. If you are curious how I keep the tradition alive, in my own way, see me at Youtube Manhattan Symphonie Carnegie Hall, Sibelius Finlandia, and you will see me (as conductor) following in my father, uncle and mother’s (pianist) footsteps.
    Music was the water that nourished and sustained the older ancestor’s family tree from which I fell from.
    Sidney, was a very strong and gentle man.
    Best wishes to you!

    P.s. It will be nice when the Corona Virus is a vague memory.

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