Mental health during Corona house arrest

‘Mental health during Corona house arrest’ by Gregory Singer

Spaceman says: Attitude is everything! State of mind is everything. Half empty or Half full? If you get panicky and run out to stock up on a bunch of stuff you don’t need, you get angry and lash out at people (family members), and you’ll will spread bad energy and make everyone miserable.

Many people are stuck at home and crammed into small spaces. It could be a new chance to reintroduce yourselves to each other. Let each family member or guest pick a day of the week to lead a 30 minute assignment in writing a short story, or ‘show and tell’ items, or talk about old times etc. Read Poetry or show episodes of your favorite TV program or re-runs from the shows of your childhood and explain why they were something meaningful to you.

If you are alone (lucky you), work on learning a new language ( Language computer courses), learn a musical instrument (music computer courses), or just practice an instrument that is within your reach. Take a positive attitude and take advantage of having so much free time. Doctors’ orders! Audio books on the computer. Music minus the lead vocal Karaoke sing along on computer. Soul searching is very good. Make the most of the present moment and think pleasant thoughts of the future. As Dr. J. Shamil preaches ” Spread Hope.”

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