Spaceman loves modern art #4

‘Spaceman loves modern art #4’ by Gregory Singer

YES! Each modern art piece is slightly different. Look carefully. Can you see the differences?
The Spaceman likes them all so much he posed inside of them. He loves being the center of attention.

He made his NYC debut today as a sticker, stuck on the upper west side of Manhattan at Riverside Park near 86th street. It is known that if you spot his image on a sticker, it will bring you good luck for that particular day. Spread the word, and his word. “Did you wash hands?”

One thought on “Spaceman loves modern art #4

  1. Today was the Spaceman’s first day out in public on the streets and in Riverside Park in New York City. HE reminds people to wash their hands more often. Also, whoever spots him has good luck for the day. He is very excited and optimistic. We think that little house on the tree is his house,
    but we aren’t goin to mention exactly where we spotted that sticker.

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