‘Spaceman’s 1st Public Service Announcement’

‘Spaceman’s 1st Public Service Announcement’ by Gregory Singer

© 2020 by Gregory Singer

It is official !
Spaceman’s mission exposed!

We now understand the objective of the spaceman’s recent arrival to earth.
He wants to spread the message to Wash Your Hands, as a public service announcement. You have read it here first people. He is friendly and will simply remind us to wash our hands more often, and spread good news amongst us during these difficult times.

We confirmed that he had visited us some months ago, but didn’t see any reason to stick around. He came back to offer good cheer, and reminders to wash hands. He said his girlfriend has delayed her visit, because of the online work which keeps her in front of the computer all day. She should be arriving any day now. He is lonely for her, but stays busy. In the mean time he is fixing he small explorer space disk.

The Spaceman authorized us to use his image as a reminder to the world to wash hands. Thank you friendly Spaceman.


One thought on “‘Spaceman’s 1st Public Service Announcement’

  1. The Spaceman’s image is on a sticker that made its debut today, on the upper west side of Manhattan. New York City, Primarily near and in Riverside Park. It is true that if you spot the little fellow’s sticker, it will bring you very good luck for that whole particular day. (Really!)

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