‘Spaceman Lands in Corona City’

‘Spaceman Lands in Corona City’ by Gregory Singer

Evidence of the arrival of a ‘spaceman’ have recently surfaced for the second time. Reports that it had visited many months ago, are being confirmed at this time. Undisclosed sources have been quoted as saying a snap-shot was taken by a local fisherman of the spaceman’s first documented arrival. We are attempting to make contact with that particular fisherman to get a copy (or original) of the photograph, as proof and confirmation that the spaceman had visited earth before.

At this moment his exact whereabouts is unknown. There has been speculation that due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, he may have come to help cure or assist us, in some way, or perhaps, it is remotely possible that he is responsible for spreading the virus. A spokesperson, who spoke only on the condition of animosity (sic) was quoted as saying “The spaceman had been banished from his planet (possibly earth) because of a type of quarantine he is obligated to observe”.

If you look carefully on the picture above, you can see the artist noticed an image that represents what must have been the spaceman standing near the dog’s nose. Perhaps the dog was smelling some unusual odor from the spaceman’s spacesuit.

If you spot this spaceman, please notify your local authorities and stay back until we can ascertain
if it is friendly or otherwise, and what his intentions may be. Stay tuned for updates on this site exclusive report.
Editor’s note: Regarding the spaceman’s civil rights (protection from bias etc.) gender, gender affiliation, sexual orientation, race, religion (if any affiliation), preferences between dogs or cats or neither,
bathroom preference etc. etc. has not been determined, and may never be established to satisfy y’all.

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