3 thoughts on “‘Brooklyn Life’

  1. This picture is inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘Shadow of a Doubt” It is an excellent movie made in the 1930s featuring Joseph Cotton

  2. In the movie, This street scene is in the opening few scenes of the movie, and it is supposed to be in New Jersey. (If I am not mistaken)
    The movie is posted on Youtube for free.

  3. The two men, leaning on the fence, are two police detectives following Joseph Cotten’s character. Joe plays a bad guy that escapes the law by running out to a small town in California where he has a sister and her family. He has a niece that is named after him ‘Charlie’. She learns of his secret and he has/needs to…!!!
    I won’t tell you the ending, but it is a classic Hitchcock film. And – a good one at that!

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