3 thoughts on “‘Subway family’

  1. The picture on the advertisement above their head is not a face, but a bottle and two beer glasses. The only thing that I took ‘artistic license’, or ‘liberty’ with, is the shape of the table. Yes, it is more the shape of a face, than a circular table top. ‘Poetic license’

  2. Many arms and legs and perspective challenges. It is not precise, but the look on their faces, each in their own world. are captured.
    This one, I almost over looked, but it is actually quite charming, if I say so myself. if you don’t study it a bit, it is easily overlooked.
    I like that the advertisement image and frame is not squared symmetrically.

  3. Because of the shadow effect. the mother’s right arm looks too skinny, but in actuality, she had a strong right arm. The little boy’s thoughts are far away, but he looks very well behaved, (Perhaps disciplined). When I was little, and sat with my legs crossed, I felt very adult. Most kids’ legs are too short to necessitate crossing.

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