One thought on “‘Sgt. York’s family reading about his success’

  1. Sgt. York was a farm boy from the Tennessee mountains who didn’t have a high school education. He only had a couple of years of school where he learned to read and write. This is typical of farmers and such people from the Mountains. He was drafted in the U.S. Army to be shipped off to Germany to fight in WWI. He was a crack shot with a rifle because of his hunting skills since he was a little boy. However, he told his commanding officers that he was a conscience objector and didn’t want to fight. He had become religious and didn’t want to kill anyone.
    They gave him a ‘leave’ to go home and seek advice and think it over. He went to the mountains for several days, and after fasting, and hours of contemplation, and consulting his pastor and further study of the Bible, he decided that it was ‘ok’ to defend his friends and property. He rejoined his comrades in arms and went on to save many of his fellow soldiers and captured over 100 enemy combatants with the help of only a few of his platoon members. He became a very famous hero and a b&w movie, starring Gary Cooper as Sgt. York, was a box office smashing success, and is considered an American Movie Classic.
    Sgt. York was reluctant to exploit his actions in the war, but continued to help the education of his fellow mountain community by establishing schools and other civic minded institutions. He was kid number 3, with 10 other brothers and sisters.

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