2 thoughts on “‘Another drink?Oops #1’

  1. Many years ago, my friend offered a cigarette to a young women across a crowded room full of people at a party.
    Just as he offered her a cigarette with his arm outreached, she took a drag of her own cigarette. It was an awkward moment and he had just said to me,”watch this”, as he strode in a cavalier manner across the room. I was very amused. Nobody smokes indoors anymore. I don’t remember what he or she said to each other, but I was laughing to myself, as once again, my nice friend was…

  2. In this picture, It is a glass of wine, instead of a cigarette, though, most likely the pianist wouldn’t be playing the piano and drinking with one hand, perhaps she was on break between a musical selection, and had a sip as he approached.

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