3 thoughts on “‘Quartet’

  1. Oops, a few mistakes here, though I like this one.
    The second violinist looks like there is a wooden sliver from a finger board going through his left hand.
    Why does the cello have that black square thingy near the middle of it, and the violist’s viola doesn’t seem to have a proper length finger board???
    I still like it though. You?

  2. It is a great thrill to play quartets. Like a sport and where every moment and every note played must be played as a team.
    There are very few experiences that are similar as playing a composition carefully designed and constructed for 4 people to play in exact harmony and cooperation. Can you think of a similar metaphor? Doubles in Tennis? Nope

  3. 99.9% of the time I don’t erase one line or smudge. I find every line, even a tiny line can be very important to indicate a movement or suggest the complete stance or attitude of a facial expression, torso or animal or bowl of fruit. The few times I have erased the smallest of lines as an obvious correction to a mistake, I have ruined the spirit or character of a picture. I can be lazy at times, so it is a convenient excuse to just ‘leave it alone, as is’, and pretend it is for the better of the over-all character and balance of the work at hand’.

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