5 thoughts on ““J. Brahms with tail”

  1. I have a great love of music composed by Brahms. When I drew this picture of his likeness, his face reminded me of a lion, so I put a tail on him.
    I’m sorry I did that, because people may think I am making fun of him and that it is disrespectful. It is kind of silly and the other one without the tail should be shared, if anyone cares to do so. My apologies to Mr. Brahms. He has given me many hours of joy and satisfaction playing and listening to his inspired Concertos, Quartets, and Symphonies.

  2. However, that being said, perhaps if a child saw this particular version of Mr. Brahms with his lion-like tail, it might stimulate the child’s vivid imagination.
    When I was tiny, I grew up with the famous picture of Brahms at his piano with his cigar looking so content, that it fascinated me and made me very calm. He looks to have such an inner happiness. Babies and tots spend hours in cribs and sleeping on beds, often alone, and if there is interesting, beautiful and vivid art nearby, the baby will be intrigued and spend hours fixated, as the art is their only companion in their moments of isolation.

  3. When I was almost 2 years old my parents had a painting by Henri Rousseau called ‘The Sleeping Gypsy’. I thought the lion had no head because it was black and I was to young to discern the tiny eye and I though the lion was headless. I was fascinated by that intriguing picture.
    There was also a picture by Modigliani of a large, mostly naked lady in diapers sitting in the air with no chair. I was spell bound by her stare. I thought she was looking at me.

  4. The painting that looked like a women in a diaper sitting on air (that is how I interpreted the painting at age 2) is by Modigliani and known as “La Belle Romaine’

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