3 thoughts on ““Movie Director George Steven’s Autograph”

  1. George Stevens is a famous movie director. He directed and produced movies of the golden era of Hollywood, such as ‘Shane’ 1953, ‘Giant’ 1956, ‘A Place in the Sun’ 1951, ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ 1959, ‘Gung Ga Din’ 1939 (Spelling?) , ‘Swing Time’ 1936, ‘Women of the Year’ 1942, ‘I Remember Mama’. He was also assigned/volunteered/enlisted/conscripted, (?) to cover world war 2 as a war film journalist and produced a rare color film color documentary of some amazing moments of the Nazi (bastards) downfall in Berlin. I had the good luck to hear him speak at The Players Club building at Gramercy Park, New York City. A very humble, nice and extraordinary man.

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