“Fog?” by Gregory Singer


2 thoughts on ““Fog?”

  1. Fog, low to the ground, blocks the lower levels of the buildings in the background brilliantly giving the feeling of being shrouded in a dense mist.

    Yet, it is in the foreground where you really captured the eerie feeling of the swirling mist weaving it’s way around the trees, the lampposts, and the two people chatting (and gathering from body language- one seems interested whilst the other is aloof?)

    Well done!!!

    Question: how does light behave in a dense fog – at the source and at its reflection?

  2. Good question. I initially thought that my picture depicted this scene in the day light. At night the lamps should have a type of halo around them
    in the fog. I might try this in a future picture. It is nice that you are sipping coffee or wine in Paris with the Bohemian artist of the day discussing art and technique etc. Enjoy!

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