4 thoughts on ““Cowboy’s Cattle drive is done”

  1. When the cowboys finished their cattle drive, they scattered in many directions (with pay in their pockets). Some boarded trains ’cause they had been in the saddle for weeks and didn’t want to see another horse much less ride it.This picture depicts pay day after delivery of the cows. They are having their last breakfast and then boarding the train east. They don’t need to look at Harold’s red boots anymore.

  2. Yes, the smoke stack at the front of the train is crooked. (On purpose)
    This picture makes me happy. It is warm and sunny. They all feel pretty good as the job is done and they are moving on to the next horizon.
    No such thing as ‘Monday morning blues’ or commutes. No rent or taxes. A ‘Saddle bum’ could live on his saddle and horse and roam the prairie.
    , and live under the stars and moon. (and sun)

  3. Arriving in the background on horse is Pete, who was up all night partying and drinking! He lost his saddle in a poker game. He almost missed breakfast.
    …and the train!

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