4 thoughts on ““Phalic thought”

  1. Kim’s Rocket Fetish Phallic symbolism : Phallic Man / Little Rocket Man.
    Was Trump trying to send a message to Kim ? calling him ” Little Rocket Man ” . If so, he is a genius .

    KIM DONG-UN Missile-mad Kim Jong-un orders docs to find magic potion to give North Koreans bigger pocket rockets

    In world Penis Size survey, Kim’s kingdom trails in last with average erect penis of just 3.8 inches

    DESPERATE despot Kim Jong-un has ordered North Korean scientists to find a potion to make PENISES bigger.

    The red-faced dictator is embarrassed the men from his country officially have the smallest members on the planet and he’s now told his docs to do something about it.

    Paranoid Kim fears the men in his country just don’t measure up

    In the most recent Penis Size survey carried out by condom giant Durex, Kim’s kingdom trailed in dead last with an average erect penis size of just 3.8 inches.

    That compares to 5.5 inches in the UK, 5.2 inches in the US and a mighty 7.1 inches in the Congo – whose men currently boast the world’s biggest todgers.

    Now Kim has told his scientists they must come up with a wonder drug which will put his rogue state proudly back on the penis map.
    The leader’s own dad Kim Jong-il even ate the penis of a LION to boost his sexual prowess, a defector from the totalitarian state has claimed.

    The deviant despot is said to have been so obsessed with his performance in the sack he forced scientists to gather traditional medicines from around the world in a bid to maximise his libido.

  2. I’m sure President Trump makes little rocket man nervous and gives him much tension. That can’t help is performance in the sack.
    P.s. I hope that poor lion was dead when Kim Jong-il or ‘Dong’-il took his bite. Upon reflection, I assume the little rocket family member didn’t have the balls to eat its penis while still attached to the poor lion. Thanks for your research and assumptions, accurate or inaccurate.

  3. I thought you deserved some kind of reply Giovanni after you presented so much research on my site. I hope nobody is offended by this college, male dormitory, vulgar humor.
    P.s. I hope you are not obsessed with the size of a man’s shmekeleh. There are other more important attributes and features to judge a man. (like his bank account.) Just kidding! Think of something uplifting! Ha!

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