“Rubber Band Chase”

“Rubber Band Chase” by Gregory Singer


One thought on ““Rubber Band Chase”

  1. ” Chase if you Can ”
    Commentary Of Chase Art >
    some reflections For Entertainment Purposes only.
    The Start of New system, and WW 3, 4

    – Alien Jester Face Two colored, Red, Blue.
    foretelling shadow events coming.
    Sort of like a Matrix system, your choice, take the Blue Pill or take the Blue Pill.

    – upper left brown alien figure, overseeing the chaos that is to come .

    – Eagle with Crown, US Eagle Dollar, UK crown.

    – Purple flood ( purples sound cone, falters ) of all monies to serve the Eagle.

    – Red and blue Rubber band, holds a worm, a virus
    that will cause much devastation. The Worm is yet to be released, the bands
    of the system are holding it intact.

    – See a “diving Rod ” left bottom, goes into the sea blue water.
    Sea water, is a chasm, that will be crossed to get to the other side.

    – bottom right, female figure and male figure, cream color and tan.
    Naked into this world we come, new birth growth.

    – bottom, see 7 cubes, these are building blocks cornerstone of new system.

    – Spout with dollar sign, money system, where money is just printed out of thin air.

    – 2 large ” W ” letters in green, represent signal the start of WW3
    below the $ sing see, III IV, world war three and roman numeral IV, world war IV,
    total devastation. start of new world.

    – Wizard of Oz imagery,
    The whole boxed art, is an Edison Victrola, replete with Sound Cones ( purple )
    which is pointed downwards . End of the old era 1899 to 1950’s.

    – bottom middle black figure with 2 small eyes, arms in shape of a “key”
    key opens the door below, tombstone to the hallway on the left. escape route.

    – all this sits on the World banking system Chase on the botton, is the underpinning
    of the World Prison called Planet Earth.

    – Upper Right see a baby’s head, with the Universe inside the mind.
    this represents, new birth, new way of thinking, coming soon.

    – Purple sound cone, has fallen,, this is old regime, the Edison Era,
    ended, and a new one begun, and now a new one is upon us.
    – cones has turned purple from brass, denoting ending. and esoteric knowledge has
    fallen upon deaf ears, as no one want to do the “Work” to raise their level of Consciousness.

    -the Blue and Red “Jester” Alien figure, signals the end of the American / English Empire.
    and will be replaced by new birth of a system ( see baby’s head to the right with solar system
    in the head ) …. end of personality and rebirth of people finding their ” Real I ”

    -Hallway- is escape route, walk to get the key, leave the Chase system.

    – the hair of the Jester- is caught up in the Rubber bands, and has the “worm ” trapped.
    the worm is a replicating virus, that will take down the current system, when released,
    will be unable to stop actions. will not be the end, only the start of a new system or “Age” ……..

    – to the left- see a black handle or crank, this is to wind up the Edison player, to keep things
    in motion .
    – bottom left -see small figure, arm outstretched, grabbing on to the entire box. Clinging on to life,
    struggling to keep the old system of money and digital mode alive. there is only one way out, that
    is thru the hallway. this is the old order, clinging to Keep the Money Digital age, but will only end in
    failure as people raise their level of being, and awaken to a new possible way.

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