“Equal Thirst”

“Equal Thirst” by Gregory Singer


5 thoughts on ““Equal Thirst”

  1. Man and beast certainly have something in common in this picture and they certainly are on the same footing at this moment. “Same page” as they say these days. They are at one.

  2. This is a Masterpiece Maestro. We are one jean away from being an animal, and believe we are gods that crap. this is our denial of death and the illusory world we travail ….. our buffer so to speak, otherwise we all would go mad. We are mad machines any way, we are astronauts traveling at high speeds thru the Universe, as we all live in
    an insane asylum called Planet Earth ……………

  3. Thank you Giovanni (Great name) did you mean “gene” not ‘jean’ as in ‘Blue jeans’ or “I met a lovely girl named Jean”, said the jelly bean. I understand what you mean ’cause we play for the same team riding on this wonderful moon beam.
    We have a choice to be – mad, or go mad, or sad, or bad, or get ‘had’. I am usually glad, but I tend to agree and wonder if the question is – to be or not to see you or me in a certain kind of reality and therefore actuality.
    There is usually a fee but actually the best things in our universe are always really free. Ooops, bye for now, I have to go wee wee (Pee). Thanks for sharing your wisdom and reaching out to me.

    • blue jeanz baby, John lennon’ returns from another dimension,………….. thanks your Majesty Maestro, hope all is swill and gel with cases of
      moto awl to move us up over the hills ……………..tunefully, Giovanni

  4. Sorry Giovanni, I got off the subject as I became distracted looking for silly rhymes. I appreciate what you were saying. It was nice that I might have inspired your thoughts and that you decided to share them with me and others. Keep seeking … and take care!

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